Sunday, November 7, 2010

Entertainment on demand

We have the ability to get free t.v. and movies on demand all the time. The internet offers t.v., movies, video games, live board games that you can play against people from around the world on and countless forms of entertainment on demand. Of all of the websites that stream video is one of the best. They have figured out a way to have the video hold a buffering stream longer then just about any other site, it hold well on high speed connections as well as dial-up. Of course like any thing there is always a down side, in this case it happens to be that they don't offer every show that is on t.v. due to copyrights they are restricted in what they are allowed to show and some of the shows have time delays such as having to wait a week before be able to see the episode. has thousand of games to choose from and even more players if you can't seem to find any real competition with the people around you, the downside here is that you are at the mercy of the people you are playing against and some of them really like to take their time. We have moved into an age where entertainment is on demand and free and connecting us to people around the world.

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