Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Internet Rainbow

In my pursuit to find the most useless websites that exist, I came upon a real winner of a website That right the internet rainbow website. This is a website where when you visit you get your very own special color that they will add to the internet rainbow for you and your color will help make the rainbow brighter, I got the color lime green, that is sure to brighten up the rainbow. There are currently 487,223 people who have added a little bit of color to the rainbow of the internet. There is nothing to do once you get to the website, it is just a bad website in general. No hierarchy created, most of the page in empty except for the maroon colored background and a little bit of poorly placed type and of course your special color. You know you want to go to the site and see what your color is to add to the internet rainbow.

Where's George

Ever wonder where you money has been? Now you can find out thanks to the website that allows you to track the dollar bills that have the where's george red stamp on them. The next time you get a dollar bill with the where's george stamp on it visit this site and you may find that the dollar could have been over seas, half way around the world or sitting in a jar for years, you never know until you track. The website overall has a comfortable feeling using the color green was smart considering it is also the color of money. There are currently 181,370,914 bills being tracked and if you want you can start a bill of your very own, just enter the number from the bill on the website and send it off into the world, and you too can see just how are your money really can go.

Dear Future Me....

Welcome to that right a website that allows you to sent yourself an e-mail in the future. You can send your virtual "letter" all the way into the future year 2060, 50 years into the future. What would you tell yourself? did you turn out to be the person you thought you would be? would you even want to remember who you are right now? currently 1,265,189 have written e-mails to themselves at some point in the future. If you want to know what other people have written there are over 200 letters that are public and available to be read. Feel free to write an e-mail to the future you and just when you thought there nothing good left to do on the internet.

String Drawing

While exploring the wonder that is the internet I came across a website and on this website you can draw with string, yes that's right string. You hold down the mouse button and a 3D string starts to draw you can move it and control the "string" and after you let go you are left with a 3D drawing that keeps spinning, virtual art, the wave of the future. The site itself is not the appealing to look at as you can see above, it is boring with little color and little else to do besides draw with string. Another brilliant usage of the internet.

Whale Music Really?

I was looking for odd websites to write a blog about and guess what I found, that right a site that plays whale sounds combined with violin music. The website is called and all the site does is play the one song of whale music over and over. The site is not a bad design over all, there is hierarchy created through the images since there is nothing to do on the site that makes it easy to navigate all you have to do is listen. Websites really don't get much more strange than this one. So if you have a free minute or are just really curious how they managed to combine violin music and whale sounds from the wild feel free to stop by the site.

Entertainment on demand

We have the ability to get free t.v. and movies on demand all the time. The internet offers t.v., movies, video games, live board games that you can play against people from around the world on and countless forms of entertainment on demand. Of all of the websites that stream video is one of the best. They have figured out a way to have the video hold a buffering stream longer then just about any other site, it hold well on high speed connections as well as dial-up. Of course like any thing there is always a down side, in this case it happens to be that they don't offer every show that is on t.v. due to copyrights they are restricted in what they are allowed to show and some of the shows have time delays such as having to wait a week before be able to see the episode. has thousand of games to choose from and even more players if you can't seem to find any real competition with the people around you, the downside here is that you are at the mercy of the people you are playing against and some of them really like to take their time. We have moved into an age where entertainment is on demand and free and connecting us to people around the world.