Monday, October 11, 2010

The Internet as we know it

Our lives seems to revolve around the internet. We log-on through our phones and computers multiple times a day. I can't help but think were we would be if the internet had never been invented. We survived as a society for more than 2000 years without it and now if we go just a few days without it we feel as if something is missing from our lives. I have to stop and ask myself is the internet really worth the price we pay to have it. The current generation grows up too fast, it seems our world is moving faster and faster and we are more disconnected from people than we have ever been, even with facebook around. Maybe the previous generations have figured out something that we have failed to learn from them, how to connect with people face to face and how to live in the actual moment not the virtual one.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


While browsing the internet I looked up foreign websites and found the official website for the country of Denmark. The site is clean, well organized and easy to navigate. You can study abroad in Denmark and they have a section on working and living there as well as visiting their country. You can learn about their culture and lifestyles or if you have to conduct business there is a section for that. The website also is set up for 4 different languages. The website is If you ever wanted to know anything about Denmark this is the site to be at.

The future of t.v.

The internet has changed the way we live and they way we see our world. For most people television is an everyday part of life. The internet has changed the way we watch t.v. I don't have to wait for commericals anymore to be over I can just fast forward and return to the show. With websites such as where you can stream movies and television live from the internet to a game console and play it on your t.v. anytime you want. With websites such as you can watch t.v. and movies on demand for free, anytime. This change has made it harder for advertisers to make us sit through 4-6 minutes of commericals several times during a show. I guess they are just going to have to get more creative.

Since the beginning of the internet some people were thinking. The need to keep track of how websites change over time is going to be a necessary function to know where we will be going. The websites that keep changing and adapting with the times are not only the ones that survive be also the ones that thrive. thanks to the website we can we just how far websites have come since 1996, the year they started tracking web pages. they have corrected and preserved millions of web pages as they existed for the current time. They catalog the biggest websites such as and as well as temporary websites such as those designed for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. They log websites for business that tried and failed and everything in between. You can think of this website and a modern day time capsule for web pages, how do you want future generations to see us?