Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In order to find a good website for this assignment, I started by typing random words in as websites. Some were good most were bad. For one of the websites I typed www.wood.com just to see what I would come up with, it was not what I expected. The site is an international investment and banking website and their full name is Wood &Company. I started to take a closer look at the site and realized that it is a simple clean site. Few links easy to find at the top give only the necessary information and when you leave the home page is when you get a link to return to the home page. The site is asymmetrical, a large globe, several pictures with links, overlapping type and and easy log on/subscribe section break up the page creating the asymmetrical balance. The page is not loaded down with unnecessary pictures, links, or type and because of this there is white space. There are several places just on the home page that are viewed as white space, the area around the globe and the breaks around the login box are some examples. The site has strong contrast from the various shades of green from dark the light and offset with white. The usage of reverse type also helps to create contrast within the website.
Overall I would say that this is a good website based on the four rules.